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Have You Got a Dead Lawn?

If you have a dead lawn, here's how to fix it!

Lawn Care Tips
by: Josh Gray

Even if you don't have a dead lawn, your lawn could probably use a little maintenance before the summer season of backyard barbeques and swimming in the pool. So what are you doing now to get your lawn ready?

Lawn care is often feared as a difficult and time intensive process, but with a few guidelines and tips, you can easily eradicate your dead lawn and have a healthy green lawn in time for the first backyard party of the season.

First of all, if you can spare a minute of your time, donít hire a lawn care specialist or professional landscaper. Buying your own lawn care products is cheap and easy, with hundreds of vendors offering products online and in Do-It-Yourself stores.

A wide variety of products such as weed controllers to fertilizers can be found online, and usually can be found at reasonable prices, especially when you do a little online coupon searching.

Starting off on the right foot is important to reviving your lawn after winter. Fertilizer is the key to ensuring strong healthy growth of the grass in your yard. Fertilizing the grass does more than just make it green. Of course it will make it grow too, but lots of things happen when you fertilize.

Fertilizer makes the seed germinate faster, and get started out of the ground. After the grass has a good start, fertilizer will make the grass get thicker and send off beneficial chemicals like rhizomes, stolons, and tillers all making the grass thicker and healthier.

What most people want to know about fertilizing is - how much and when? Typically, you want to fertilize 4 times each season, spread 60 days apart. Start in early spring approximately 30 days before the growing season begins in your area, continuing through the growing season until fall.

Spring fertilizing gets the grass off to a fast start, giving you that rich green color everyone wants. A word of warning though, don't use too much fertilizer. Remember to follow the listed guidelines on the bag.

Mowing is the most misunderstood part of lawn care, and the most often incorrectly performed part of lawn care. Far too many people will set their mowers too low and scalp the lawn.

How many times have you spent the time mowing your grass in the hope of a beautiful result only to end up with brown spots? Cutting too much off the top leads to thinned out grass, shallow root systems and a dead lawn.

Now once you have achieved the perfect lawn, you must do regular maintenance to prevent it from going back to being a pasture. Spend the time and money to keep it watered, and you will keep the lush grass you spent your hard earned money and time on.

The ideal way to water your lawn is with an automatic underground sprinkler system. This way the watering is done every day that it needs it.

You don't have to drag hoses; you don't waste water from over watering, and you get all of the lawn watered, not just where you happen to set the sprinkler.

If you implement this type of sprinkler system, make sure to water shrubbery and annuals separate from the lawn. If you applied the same amount of water on your landscape as on the lawn you would surely kill some plants from over watering.

Now that youíre ready to care for your lawn, youíll need to get your supplies. Lawn care products can be found at many local gardening centers or through many online merchants. Buying gardening supplies online is growing in popularity and made even more economical by online coupons and discounts.

Josh Gray is the author of the article on the Dead Lawn Page. He is President of UC San Diegoís Gardens Club and a consultant to, a website that provides free coupons and discount codes to many gardening websites.

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